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ViaggieMiraggi is a cooperative and tour operator, a network of partners and associations in Italy and around the world. Our story started in the late 1990s and today we travel on 4 continents working with more than 100 local communities in 50 countries in the North and South, supporting more than 200 social projects and thousands of people. We believe in sustainable and responsible tourism, attentive to local culture and environment.

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ViaggieMiraggi in Italy

ViaggieMiragg is committed to sustainable promotion and development of Italian regions. Our tours are designed for small groups in order to facilitate cultural exchanges with local communities.


A 6 days walk involving 4 to 5 hours of walk per day, 7 nights, 8 days overall

This itinerary will explore the two principal lakes of the Molise Region, the Occhito and Guardialfiera Lakes, and the hills that surround them, until the Adriatic Sea. The trails cross agricultural fields, vineyards, olive groves, pastures and orchards. The itinerary offers countless spots from which to admire the local landscape and crosses small valleys and brooks. This itinerary crosses four royal Tratturi, the mountain grassy paths used two times a year (at the end of the summer and the beginning of the spring) to move herds from the mountains in Abruzzo to the Plain of the Apulias, and back.

From April to May and from September to November


A unique opportunity of sustainable tourism in Abruzzo: 4 days in the nature with sheperds and their flock

Starting from an organic farm in Anversa degli Abruzzi (AQ), in the green earth of Central Italy (one hour and a half from Rome), we’ll move on foot around pastures, mountain retraits and small villages with sheeps, donkeys and horses living for some days with sheperds in the wild nature of Abruzzo region and tasting local specialties.

June, July, October and November 2018


Weekend or full week tailor-made tours

A journey into the tastes, the faces and the colors of a peasant tradition country. In Le Marche region natural parks blend with cities that are authentic jewels: after admiring the Conero Mountain kissing the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains embracing abbeys and old villages, the tour reaches Recanati, famous poet Giacomo Leopardi’s home town, and Urbino, Raffaello’s.

Unique sceneries and wonderful hills, castles and wineries: Le Marche region is both elegant and genuine. The tour includes the meeting with the small producers of the delightful Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi wine and the tasting of this local specialty known all over the world. Furthermore, every day the tour will be enriched by knowing projects about organic food and sustainable development and by visiting small companies involved in the creation of a producers’ regional network.

All year round


A 7-day tour to discover stunning unknown places in the rural area of Marmilla and have real experiences of ancient crafts and local traditions

The perfect balance through customs and manners, hospitality and magnificent views. Actively participate in the cheese making class with the shepherd Michele and learn how to prepare the original orange flavoured sweet “ravioli”.  Enjoy some hiking trails in the natural mediterranean landscapes of the dormant volcano of Monte Arci or the fishing village of Cabras and taste a genuine lunch with local food and wine. Discover the ancient art of hand loom weaving to create coloured carpets and tapestries and learn the virtuous reality of nomadic beekeeping. A special tour from Cagliari to the unspoiled villages of the south-west part of the island; with its mountains, woods and nuragic sites to be explored through slow walks, horse rides and bicycle trips.

From April to June and from September to November


A journey of 8 days and 7 nights in the southern Ionian Aspromonte

Calabria, a land of strong contrasts and suggestive myths, is a place to discover in all its wild beauty. Between the majestic Aspromonte and the crystalline sea, we are going to search for the ancient Greek and Byzantine roots. We will visit the oldest city of Calabria founded by Greek colonists, Reghion, the Magna Grecia Museum with the mighty Bronzes of Riace, and Scilla, in which the myth that binds it to Cariddi is surviving and that inspired the song of Homer. We will also be in the heart of the area Grecanica, visiting the ancient villages of Pentedattilo, Bova, Amendolea, Gallicianò where the memory of tradition is present with the tasty peasant cuisine and the ancient artisans craft.

All year round


A journey of 7 days and 6 nights to discover the beauties of the “heel” of Italy: the region of Salento

An itinerary that goes through the most charming art cities (Lecce, Gallipoli, Galatina, Otranto etc…), the surrounding nature and the excellent gastronomy of Apulia.

In particular, the morning will be dedicated to chill out on the beach or to relax in the most beautiful natural reserves of the territory; the afternoon will be dedicated to guided tours in evocative historical villages along with appetizing tastings of local products to experience the renowned Apulian cuisine.

Travelers from all over the world will be more than welcome to come to Apulia and live a unique experience of slow and responsible tourism by getting in contact with the local community, its culinary art, its habits and ancient traditions.

All year round


A journey of 3 days and 2 nights

Situated on a hill that goes down to the sea, Baia with its remains of the Roman town, shows its ancient glory. It was considered by Roman aristrocracy as the French Riviera, a holiday resort and a place for events and misdeeds. “Idleness and vices of Baia” is the perfect tour for travellers who are looking for new places and who want to make their trip a wonderful experience.

All year round


A journey of 3 days and 2 nights

Miseno doesn’t mean just beach, sea and nightlife but it is much more… It is nature, with panoramic paths along the hill. It is history with the Classis Misenensis (powerful Roman fleet). It’s archeology, thanks to Roman remains of the theatre, villa and tanks. It is adventure, with its marine caves accessed by canoe. It is also the right place to taste seafood. The name “Miseno” comes from a myth; this itinerary is a wonderful experience, an emotion that becomes  pleasure, joy and beauty.

All year round


A journey of 3 days and 2 nights

Puteoli is an old Roman town with a flourishing harbour, a crossroad of people and civilizations, with a spa and two amphitheaters. Here, San Gennaro was sentenced to death, but he was saved by wild animals. It is also known as the “Dancing land” because of the Bradyseism phenomenon that is visible on the majestic columns of the Serapide’ temple. Pozzuoli is also wild nature with the Solfatara, an active volcano with its bubbling water and strong smell of suphur; it is a nice place, rich in fantastic places to relax and enjoy fun moments.

All year round


A journey of 4 days and 3 nights

It is a very fascinating city full of wonderful historical and artistic treasures and delicious culinary traditions. A 4 days trip to discover legends and curiosities of the ancient city called Partenope and also the art, the architecture and the bustling street life of the new city Neapolis – Napoli.

Our itineray includes the visit in the true heart of Neaples: the historic centre, that is a Unesco World Heritage Site with its churches, noble palaces, monasteries and handcraft shops. Then, we’ll visit the Royal Palace, a monument of Spanish Era. We’ll also discover the hidden tresaures that lives below the ground of the city: catacombs of San Gennaro e San Gaudioso in Sanità district, a very popular area that inspired a lot of writers.

Naples means also lively people, nice athmposfere and good food. If you want to learn the secret of neapolitan culinary tradition, you can take part in our cooking class of typical Neapolitan dishes.

Our trip ends with a day nearby Caserta, to know the so-called Gomorrah lands and meet local associations that struggle every day against  criminal clans of Camorra.

All year round